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Black Label not usable


  • bikkelnl started the conversation

    Good morning,

    I tried Black Label yesterday and I'm quite shocked:

    1) The documentation is very outdated and contains links to websites that no longer exist
    2) Plugins are outdated and a critical error regularly occurs in, for example, the Slider Plugin, causing Wordpress to go into recovery mode:

    " E_ERROR was caused on line number 387 of file /mnt/web007/a3/61/512167561/htdocs/STRATO-apps/wordpress_01/app/wp-content/plugins/revslider/includes/functions.class.php. Error: Uncaught ValueError: strrpos(): Argument #3 ($offset) must be contained in argument #1 ($haystack) in /mnt/web007/a3/61/512167561/htdocs/STRATO-apps/wordpress_01/app/wp-content/ plugins/revslider/includes/functions.class.php:387"

    3) The automatic playback of videos (of course without sound) does not work, while according to the demo it should be possible

    4) Showing and sizing videos full screen in responsive does not work. While this is visible in the demo.

    I need the template for a project, but unfortunately I can't use it. I kindly ask you to refund the money so that I can finish the project.

    Thank you in advance.