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Black Lable 2.1.0 to Black Lable 4.0.14


  • cedeko started the conversation

    Hallo QuemaLabs-Team,

    first sorry for my bad english.

    I have by a new Theme Black Lable 4.0 if my old Theme Black Lable 2.1. don not Work.

    The arcordions do not work. How can use the side with the new Them. If i snstall the new Theme, the Site is complet destroied.

    Can you help me to make an fine update for 2.1 to 4.0.

    Especially the Arcordion Tag [/accordion_pane] dos nt work.

    Or can you help me, to run the old theme. Only the Slider and the arcordion dosnt work.


    Matthias Trenkel

  • cedeko replied

    Hello, can the old Black Label theme (2.1.) Work again with an old version of Revolution Slider?