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Can't download demo theme ZEUS


  • Excelshower started the conversation


    I buy the theme ZEUS, and when I installed it, I can't to import demo data.

    There is an error dowloading it. See files attached. 

    I can´t find the plugin "black galery". I can't install it. 

    Please help me.

    Kind regards,

    Miguel Lis


    Attached files:  2.PNG

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    Nico replied

    Hi there,

    Can you send me a WordPress user in a private reply?

    I will take a look at your site.


  •   Excelshower replied privately
  • Excelshower replied


    I need this template to work. Can you tell me anything?. I gave you in private the user and password of this website.

    Thanks in advance

    Miguel Lis


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    Nico replied

    I'mn sorry for the delay Miguel,

    It is fixed now. If you try importing it should work without problem.

    I can also speak spanish if you prefer.

    Let me know if you need anything else.