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Very slow operation


  • Dmitry started the conversation


    I am very concerned about slow website based on your template. The website is pretty much empty, just a few shop items added. Nevertheless, it is visibly slow, very slow. Google Page Speed is in agreement and gives only 36 points, firmly in red zone. Can you advise on this?

    Thank you

  • Dmitry replied

    Will someone reply to this?

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    Nico replied

    Hi Dmitry,

    I'm sorry for the delay.

    For all I can see is that the images take too much time to respond.

    For example, this image:


    The mayority of the time was waiting for the response.

    I think that has to be with the server. Here is more info about the TTFB:


    For the rest of the content I don't see anything wrong.

  • Dmitry replied

    Thanks for reply! But what do you suggest? An issue with hosting? What shall be changed to improve it? It did not happen with other templates in the past

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    Nico replied

    I would think that is a problem with the hosting, I don't see that issue on other hosting.

    But it may be temporary, sometimes things like that happen for a period of time and then get fixed.

    You can try asking to your hosting.

    Also if you have any other server we can try installing the theme there to make sure.

  • Dmitry replied

    I am now in conversation with my hosting - GoDaddy.

    But quite bluntly - Google blames poor java script which I can only attribute to your template.


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