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shortcode in content not rendered


  • Heidi started the conversation

    sorry again, just have seen that you did answer already to this issue



    hello, beautiful theme, however we would like to customise it a bit an don't get there. 

    We are using a child theme, maybe this is why we do not have theme options?

    the issue:

    coming from a category overview with the nice tiles, the posts are opening in a kind of overlay. only after reload, they get displayed with the "normal" post template. in the overlay view, the shortcode of the gallery does not get interpreted and a comment section is displayed that we do not want. comments are disabled all over this wordpress. but this overlay template does not care.

    i am a little bit familiar with editing code, but i don't get, where i would have to edit a template and put it in the child theme to achive the following:

      1) remove the comments


      2) make the shortcode work in this view 



    { define the links that are going from the post-tiles in the category view so that they are leading directly to the single post instead of opening the content with woosh-effect in an overlay }

    all this seems to me as if there should be settings somewhere to set this. but when i got to theme info i can not see any. this might be also because of a bad server setting, that requires ftp-login on your theme-info-page. but after login, still nothing is shown.

    please help by just pointing me to the right files for this

    thank you!


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    Nico replied

    Hi Heidi,

    You can have the posts working normally if you disable the WP REST API plugin.

    This way each post will link to the single post page.