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Site don't work on Apple (Iphones X, Mac Safari))


  • Rostislav started the conversation

    Hello, the site is not displayed on the customer’s mobile phone. she has a 10th iPhone and a blank form in her browser On Mac. I'll Try in different country (Israel, Ukraine) Please help with this problem. Interestingly, everything is fine on the android, and everything is fine on the desktop. Thanks for the help. (I’m so sad)

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    Nico replied

    Hi Rostislav,

    The site is looking fine for me on Mac:


    About the iPhone, looks like there is some kind of redirect. Because the URL is removed from the browser:


    Try switching to the default WordPress theme twentynineteen to make sure is not from the theme.

  • Rostislav replied

    You are right. I disable all plugins and activated default theme, also i update to last WordPress, switch to 7.0 PHP version. Interesting other, on Android - ok, and other site on this IP is opening... i'm confused :-( Thanks

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    Nico replied

    Maybe something with your .htaccess file on the server?

    Sometimes can be some kind of code redirecting.

  • Rostislav replied

    Hello Nico, with my host provider we are resolved problem and now all work fine! Thanks for help!