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  • Tristan started the conversation

    Hello, I just buy your theme, he is the most simple and elegant theme I've found in 2 months of research, first of all thank you to creating it.

    I just have 2 questions about the footer...

    1) How I can remove the " Designed by Quema Labs "

    2) How I can add my links (terms and privacy) instead.

    Thank you in advance for your help !


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    Nico replied

    Hi Tristan,

    Thank you!

    1) This is on reyl-pro/footer.php on line 95. You can remove the code there. If you need help with this, I can help you if you send me a WordPress user.

    I should add an option to disable that on the Admin Panel.

    2) Also there, you can add any content.

    But this will be a good feature also. Add an extra menu in there.

    I think in a few days I can add this features.

  • Tristan replied

    I've done it it was easy ! Thank you for the support !

     I've got fews questions...

    - My primary menu don't show up in the home page but only in the articles pages, how can I put the main menu in all pages ?

    - How can I show only the excerpt of the articles, I have modify it in the theme personalization and in the generals settings of my wordpress menu but all the article show every time...

    After that I will be good !! :) 

    Thank you for your help, have a great day !

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    Nico replied

    - If I go to https://tristanpoeydomenge.com/ I can see the primary menu fine:


    - You can do this when you are creating the blog post. You have to add this: