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changing menu colours


  • ifra anjum started the conversation

    I want to change the menu color with increase in  its size  but that should'nt reflect the size of other contents

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    Nico replied

    Hi there,

    You can use CSS for that, for example use this code:

    .main-navigation > div > ul > li > a{
        color: #000;
        font-size: 16px;

    Let me know if that helps you.


  • ifra anjum replied

    hai there , implemented your code it works but partially, the colour changes and then comes back to its original colour

  • ifra anjum replied

    can you please see in our website(www.getpy.biz) the logo width is too high we are not able to reduce the logo width, and also there is no option for that to be reduced. Can you please help us with this.

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    Nico replied

    Yes, you can reduce the size of your logo with this CSS code:

    header .site-logo-img .custom-logo-link img{
        width: 200px;

    But I see that you already using a code like this.

    About the color on the menu, is it working? Or maybe you can send me a WordPress user I can help you with that.