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your shophistic theme is not working on mobile devices


  • Xiaowei xu started the conversation

    I noticed this problem was an old problem and it was not solved in previous post. I tested both your shophistic and shophistic lite on my iphone 8 plus, the site is loading super slow. Please do not use emulator to test it: i use chrome emulator and it is working but not on my actual iphone. 

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    Nico replied

    Hi there,

    The only problem you see is that the site load slow? Or do you see something else?

    There are no difference between a desktop or mobile load of the site. The only difference in speed will be the internet connection.

  • Xiaowei xu replied

    Yes. Super slow. Like 20 secs loading. Tried on my iphone 8 and ipad. If you think im bullshitting grab an Iphone and try your demo in safari. 

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    Nico replied

    It depends much on the content, usually there are a lot of images on a shop site.

    That's why can take a bit longer for mobile.

    But there are no difference from the desktop. That's why I'm asking if you see anything different.

    This is how I see the site on mobile:


    Can you send me your URL? I will take a look at your site to see if there is anything out of the ordinary.

  • Xiaowei xu replied

    Hi thanks for reply. 

    Here is what i see shophistic lite on my Iphone safari:  https://youtu.be/9WpHNsOpzeQ

    When i opened this ticket it took about 15 secs, then 2 weeks later it was back to normal (within 1.5 secs), now it takes forever. So i doubt it's a coding problem.

    My website is  https://snowdaigou.com , which is also very slow. 

    On my Mac it shows up instantly.  

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    Nico replied

    Looks like it has something to do with our server not performing well at times.

    Because right now is working fine for me on a fresh load of the site on mobile.

    I will investigate about the loading times on my demo server.

    Here is how I see the demo site now:


    Are you having this similar issue? At times it loads fine and at other times load significantly slower?

  • Xiaowei xu replied

    Yes most of the time it loads more than 20 secs. There was a week it loaded almost instantly. 

    I deleted all the example products from my website( snowdaigou.com ) to make sure all resources are located on my own server, and nothing changes. 

    It is more than a normal problem i think...

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    Nico replied

    Unfortunately I think this is a problem with the server because if at least one time loads well it shouldn't be theme related.

    I didn't find anything our of the ordinary on my server to see if that's the problem.