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  • Bobby started the conversation

    I feel like some black label update has completely broken my site.

    If you go to the site, there is a weird "play/pause" that was never there before.

    The categories for the portfolio ("art" "journalism" etc.) used to be buttons, and would remove the other categories when you click a certain category. Now it is just some un-stylized list.

    The two column portfolio is also not showing properly. Basically the site's style is completely messed up. The site was working absolutely fine about 2-3 weeks ago, and this suddenly happened with no change from me.

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    Nico replied

    Hi Bobby,

    I don't see anything wrong on http://www.bobbylongoria.com/

    Bu I see that you are using the old version of Black Label 1.8.1. Are you trying to update?

  • Bobby replied

    So the list appearing wrong was because of a closing bracket not being on line 108 of the stylesheet.css. I don't know how this one line didn't have a } but for whatever reason it didn't, so I fixed that.

    I believe this is the latest version of Black label, because I pushed an update yesterday, but either way I am apprehensive of updates because of new features added, that affect my website's appearance.

    For instance my current problem...

    check out the attached image.

    So there is this downward arrow toward the left of the header. When you click it, some blank area opens up. When I initially made my site, that downward arrow thing was never there. I want to get rid of that.

    As well the buttons on the menu "multimedia" "about" "contact", do not work anymore. I feel like it is because of that downward arrow thing.

    Further, if you click "read more" on each portfolio item, when you go to that page, the downward arrow thing is there as well, and the "multimedia" "About" and "contact" buttons of the menu do not work.

    So right now, major issue is getting rid of that downward arrow thing, and making the menu buttons clickable again.

    Attached files:  header_menu_longoria.jpg

  • Bobby replied

    Alright so right now I am realizing what that downward arrow is for.

    By clicking it, you have a better view of the slider images that are presented in the background. So I suppose I'm ok with that.

    And the menu buttons become clickable, after you click the downward arrow and the page elements are pushed down.

    However, I would still like the menu buttons to be clickable, before you click the downward arrow and push everything down. So that is what we need to fix.

  • Bobby replied

    Lastly, at the bottom of every page, I am trying to get it so that only the first footer is displayed.

    The first footer is the "Bobby's contact and social media"

    I do not want categories, meta, or archives footers. I do not have anything under second, third or fourth footers so I am unsure why this is displaying.

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    Nico replied

    You can download the latest version of Black Label from Theme Forest on your Download section.

    But remember that the new version changed heavily on the layouts, so if you want to keep the current layout of your site you can keep the version you have now.

    1) I see that you removed the arrow already.

    2) Buttons "Multimedia", "About" and "Contact" are working fine now, right?

    3) Also the arrow is not present now on portfolio items single page.

    4) Also I see that you have only one widget on the footer.