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Other dimensions images on search results


  • Karel Overlaet started the conversation


    Is there a way to use the same dimensions in the search output as in the product detail page? The image in the search output is a zoomed in version of the image on the detail page. Therefore the images have a bad resolutiontnk 

    Also the font size of the titel of the search output page is far to big. I assume I can alter this in the ccs.

    Thank you.

    PS.: Could you please take a look at my private tickets? These are urgent. Thank you.

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    Nico replied

    That's strange, because the images are the same for the search than the catalog.

    Take a look at the demo:



    Both uses the catalog images which in this case is 450x450px.

    I see that you are using 1500x1500px images on the catalog. Is that on purpose or the thumbnails were not created?

  • Karel Overlaet replied

    Hi Nico

    I saw with the demo content that pictures were displayed at 1500x1500. So I thought this was the right dimension. I see that the images on the search output are zoomed in (and the watermark is partly displayed). Can I regenerate thumbnails somewhere?


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    Nico replied

    Yes, upload the images at 1500x1500px is fine. Because that's the full size but other smaller sizes are created to display a faster image.

    You can use this plugin to regenerate the thumbnails:


    Let me know if that works.

  • Karel Overlaet replied


    Uploaded the new version. Regenerated the thumbnails but the problem persists. Search results has images that are zoomed in. De pictures becomes somewhat blurry. Since I'm a photographer is a bit awkward. Can you help me?


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    Nico replied

    Can you send me a WordPress user in a private reply? I will take a look to see what I can do.


  •   Karel Overlaet replied privately