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Don`t work tag porfolio


  • Artem_Shalaev started the conversation

    Hi, why I can`t see my portfolio items by tag?

    And my version theme 1.06, how I can update to 1.07?

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    Nico replied

    Hi there,

    You can download the latest version of the theme in Theme Forest on your Download section.

    You can use Portfolio categories to use these:

    Those work only with Portfolio Categories not tags.

  • Artem_Shalaev replied

    I use this. For what tags portfolio?

    If I choose tag "Sun" on some portfolio Item, how I can show only this tag?

    For example, I created tags for different portfolio items, but they don't work: http://artshalaev.com/contact/

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    Nico replied

    You don't have to use tag, you have to use portfolio categories.

    Those are the one used for the filter.