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Update Issue


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    Victoria started the conversation

    I am trying to update Crafter Pro theme, but get the following error message:

    An error occurred while updating Crafter Pro: Download failed. Unauthorized

    How can i resolve this?

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    Nico replied

    Hi Victoria,

    That's strange, can you send me a WordPress user in a private reply so I can test it?


  •   Victoria replied privately
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    Nico replied

    Yes, just select private and that's all.

  •   Victoria replied privately
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    Nico replied

    Hi Victoria, looks like you are using an incorrect License Key on your site in Appearance > Theme Info > License

    Currently you entered a License Key that is not from your account. I don't know how you get that license.

    Your License is expired. Updates and support are from 1 year, then you will have to renew the license.

    Your License was purchased on March 15, 2017.

    If you want to update or receive support you have to renew your license.

    Here is info on where to find your License Key:


  •   Victoria replied privately