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Poor Page Performance


  • Ricky started the conversation

    Hi can you please help me improve my page load speed? There seems to be something wrong at certain times loading my website. I've done everything I could to compress the images and reduce the resolution as well. My hosting service is Godaddy and I use their managed wordpress hosting which is suppose to be faster than shared hosting. I've also removed any unnecessary plugins as well.

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    Nico replied

    Hi Ricky,

    I see that your site is very well optimized, I don't see any terrible wrong.

    The whole home page is 2.3MB

    Everything from there will be to join all the JS files or CSS files, but that it is not such a good improvement on speed.

  • Ricky replied

    Thanks Nico so it must have to do with Godaddy serving the page itself. It takes about 10 seconds the first time it loads and then after that an avg 4-5 seconds. What hosting service do you use or prefer?

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    Nico replied

    I can recommend Media Temple and its WordPress hosting which is very good.

    I can't think on any other sustancial reason that can slow the website.