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  • Rad Max started the conversation

    I have the Crafter theme and right out of the box - no edits at all - the theme has the sidebar on the bottom of page below content.

    I have even tried in stalling custom sidebar plugins (now removed) but they ALSO appear BELOW the content.Anything to do with sidebars goes UNDER content

    What is wrong with this theme? the sidebar is supposed to be on the side?
    perhaps a problem with using FLOAT in .css?
    Please help this is most EXTREMELY frustrating

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    Nico replied

    Hi there,

    Can you show me the URL where this is happening?

    I don't see the sidebar here:


    Also can you send me a WordPress user in a private reply? I will take a look at the sidebar.

  • Rad Max replied

    opps sorry about that - I turned off all the sidebar widgets temporarily whilst i was showing the client who wanted this site (I didnt want them to see the broken sidebar)

    Its now on the url I gave:  http:// cows.radbeta.guru - on all pages and blog posts (obviously not on front/home page as there is no sidebar on that page)

    Again, it came like this right out of the box

    I can even set up another subdomain with a completely fresh install just to prove it

    I'll PM my login

  •   Rad Max replied privately
  • Rad Max replied

    Ok I setup another subdomain with a fresh install of WP

    without doing ANYTHING ELSE I installed the crafter theme and activated it

    I have not touched ANYTHING  in admin panel aside from doing the install

    You can see here the sidebar is on the bottom:


    Ill pm login

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    Nico replied

    Ok I see what you mean now, this issue is fixed on the new version (1.0.12), soon you will be able to update right from your Admin Panel.

  • Rad Max replied

    Thanks Nico !I didnt realise there was an updated version - I installed it from inside the admin panel as it was suggested by Wordpress an a theme that could be installed.

    (Actually I was about to install something else)

    Great now i can get it finished and Im recommending to the client to buy the pro version so they can use drop and drag features for maintaining it themselves :-D

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    Nico replied

    Great, let me know if you need anything else.


  • Rad Max replied

    Sure - one last thing...

    The clients widget. Im trying to get the clients names to appear under their photos.

    Found my way to the widget /client .php file
    IM guessing it has something to do with line 45:

     <?php if( !empty($instance['image_uri']) ): ?>
                    <img src="<?php echo esc_url( $instance['image_uri'] ); ?>" alt="<?php if( !empty( $instance['title'] ) ): echo esc_attr( $instance['title'] ); endif; ?>" />

    Only I really don't know PHP I just know how to edit wordpress very basically 
    how would I make the Person's name appear ?
    I have put the name int ALL the attributes in the media file (title/caption/description)

    I just need ONE of those to appear 

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    Nico replied

    Try replacing that widget.ph file for this one:


    I added the title under the picture.