Create a Home Page

You can create several type of Home Page, you can actually use any page as home page. But in this guide we will talk about the Home Page Templates.

For example on how to achieve the same home page as in the demo site:

First go to your Admin Panel > Pages > Add new,  you can put any title, in this case "Home".

On the Template dropdown select Home:

Click Publish  and now you will see the page exactly as the demo site. But this is not your home page yet, for that we have to go to Settings > Reading and select this new page as our Home Page:

Click Save Changes and that's it. Now when people enter your site, the first page they will see is this one.

If you want to use a different Home Page Template, just select a different one in the dropdown:

Note: By default the theme uses the main Portfolio, but if you want your home page to display other portfolio instead of the default one. You can change that on your page options: