Getting Started with Glaciar

Welcome to the Getting Started guide for Glaciar Theme, please you can take a look at the information below to start using the theme.


Installing the Theme

So you've purchased our theme and you're ready to get started-- great!

When you purchase a Glaciar license from ThemeForest & download the theme package, you will receive a zipped folder titled "themeforest-xxxxxxxx-glaciar...".  Unzip this first folder. 

Within the unzipped theme package, you will find a number of folders such as design, license, etc. There is also 1 additional folder within, titled "Theme".

Inside this folder is the ZIP file with the actual theme, this file is called "glaciar.zip".

Important: DO NOT unzip this "glaciar.zip" folder! This particular .zip folder should remain zipped.

That's the ZIP file you have to upload to install the theme.

So let's go to your WordPress Admin Panel, and then to Appearance > Themes, then click on "Add new":

Then click on "Upload Theme":

Click "Choose File" > find your zipped "glaciar.zip" file > Click the "Install Now" button.

Once the theme is successfully installed on your WordPress, you can "Activate" it:

Please note: If you try installing the entire zipped theme package or another incorrect file, you'll likely receive this error message:

"The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet. Theme install failed."

If you receive this error message, please be sure that you're installing the ZIPPED file titled "glaciar.zip".

More info about that error on this link:


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