Getting Started with ShopApp

Welcome to the Getting Started guide for ShopApp Theme, please you can take a look at the information below to start using the theme.


    Installing the Theme

    So you've purchased our theme and you're ready to get started-- great!

    When you purchase a ShopApp license from ThemeForest & download the theme package, you will receive a zipped folder titled "themeforest-xxxxxxxx-shopapp...".  Unzip this first folder. 

    Within the unzipped theme package, you will find a number of folders such as design, license, etc. There is also 1 additional folder within, titled "Theme".

    Inside this folder is the ZIP file with the actual theme, this file is called "shopapp.zip".

    Important: DO NOT unzip this "shopapp.zip" folder! This particular .zip folder should remain zipped.

    That's the ZIP file you have to upload to install the theme.

    So let's go to your WordPress Admin Panel, and then to Appearance > Themes, then click on "Add new":

    Then click on "Upload Theme":

    Click "Choose File" > find your zipped "shopapp.zip" file > Click the "Install Now" button.

    Once the theme is successfully installed on your WordPress, you can "Activate" it:

    Please note: If you try installing the entire zipped theme package or another incorrect file, you'll likely receive this error message:

    "The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet. Theme install failed."

    If you receive this error message, please be sure that you're installing the ZIPPED file titled "shopapp.zip".

    More info about that error on this link:


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    Recommended Plugins

    The theme includes plugins that you should install and activate to enable certain options.

    Note: these screenshot are for demostration purpose, your theme may not need all the plugins in the screenshots. Just follow these steps and the theme will know which plugins to install.

    Step 1 Right after installing the Theme you will see these next step:


    Click on Begin installing plugins

    Step 2 Click like the image to select all plugins in the list:


    Then select Install and click Apply


    The installation process will begin.

    Step 3 Once all plugins are installed click on Return to Required Plugins Installer:


    Step 4 All plugins are installed, now we have to activate them. Like before, select all plugins from the list, and this time click Activate:


    Step 5 That’s it! Once all plugins are activated you will see this:

    Captura de pantalla 2016-02-17 a las 14.58.16

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    Importing Demo Data

    Optionally, you may install our demo data, which will populate your site with the pages you see on our live demo. This can give you a head start in setting up your site. Once you get your site setup and get the hang of it, you may delete the unwanted posts or pages as you see fit.

    You can download only the XML Import File if you want or you can use the One Click Demo Install, this way with just one click you get the same site that you see on the demo.

    For this, first make sure you have installed the One Click Demo Import plugin. You can follow the instructions in Recommended Plugins to install this plugin.

    Ok, now let's go to your Admin Panel > Appearance > Import Demo Data:

    There you will see all the demos aveilables, you can click Import on the one you want.

    This may take a few minutes, just wait until it says it is done.

    For the demos that have a Slider from Revolution Slider, you will have to import those slider separately. 

    First, download the Sliders from here:

    Slider 1


    Go to your Admin Panel > Slider Revolution, and click on Import Slider:

    And select the Slider to import:

    Click Import Slider and that's it, now you will have your site like the demo, including the sliders.

    Note: All the images were replaced with placeholders, this is to make the import process much faster and to avoid copyrights issues with the images.

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    Theme Options

    All theme’s options are in the WordPress Customizer Appearence > Customize. Here you can select things like the styling colors, change typography and much more.

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    Change Colors

    All color options are in Appearence > Customize > Colors. Select the color you want and then click on “Save & Publish”.

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    Child Theme

    Using a Child Theme has many advantages, for example you can do any modifications you want to the files without loosing them on future updates.

    So, if you want to start a Child Theme use this template as starting point: ShopApp Child Theme