Black Label uses the Slider items as default background, that's why is better to have at least 1 item.

You can use Images or Videos for your Slider items.

Let's see how to create one, first make sure you have the Quema Labs Slider Post Type plugin installed:

This plugin is needed for the slider to work. You can see how to install it here: Recommended Plugins

Ok, let's create a Slider item, go to your Admin Panel > Slider > Add New Item, add a title and content as usual in any post.

To upload an image click on Set featured image:

Upload a new image or use one already on your Media Library and click Set featured image. This will be your Slide image.

Also below you will see the Slide Options:

Show Title and Description: Here you can select if you want to display the title and the content on your slide.

Slide Link: If you insert an URL here the Slide will link to that URL when clicked.

Video URL: You can use Video as a slider item, we recommend to use MP4 h.264 videos but you can also use YouTube or Vimeo.

Video Autoplay: If you want the video to start play automatically.

After completing the fields click on Publish and you have your first Slider item.